At CET, we believe that our long history in the automotive tool and die industry is a testament on the strong business virtues laid out by our original founder. Established in 1922 by William E. Tregenza, The Canadian Engineering and Tool Company Ltd. continues to be dedicated to quality, innovation, and meeting the needs of our automotive manufacturing clients.

Over the years, we have grown with the focus to better serve our customers. In 1973, The Canadian Engineering and Tool company Ltd. acquired two other companies: Inspection Air Gauge, which manufactures gauges and fixtures for the manufacturing section including the Automotive and Aerospace Industries throughout North America, and Tru-Die Limited, which designs and builds precision tooling for manufacturing, including the Powdered Metal, Fine Blanking, and Aerospace Industries.

InspectionAir Gauge Limited

3298 Riberdy Road

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

N8W 3T9

Tru – Die Limited

236 Edward Street,

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

N5P 1Z5

The Tregenza family continues to be involved with the company to this day, and we work to provide the best service to our customers by providing the best service and most up-to-date technology available in the tool and die industry. We create approximately one hundred and fifty tools per year for the automotive and other industries, and are proud to offer a high-quality, accurate, and reliable product for all of our customers.

For more information on how The Canadian Engineering and Tool Company Ltd. can help your manufacturing operation with all of your die manufacturing needs from start to finish, visit our Departments and Processes pages, or Contact Us today for more information.