Quality Assurance is at the heart of everything we do. We go beyond providing just the fixture gauge readings for the parts we cut by providing our clients with CMM Reports from white light as well as blue light measurements. We want our customers to know that the parts we manufacture for them are going to fall within tolerance each and every time.

White and Blue Light Inspection:

We are equipped with White and Blue light scanning systems that allow us to take a more exact measurement of each part for maximum precision. Both white and blue light inspection takes an extremely accurate measurement, and can create a computer scan of your component down to the most exact detail. This technology allows you to see exactly where your parts inside and outside of tolerance from throughout their surface area, allowing for precise adjustments to be made before going into production.

This state-of-the-art system gives you full part dimensional visualization for fast draw die development, and both white and blue light inspection allow for ease of setup and quick results, making sure you can consistently check parts throughout the process to ensure continued accuracy and quality. It can also handle scanning duties in a variety of lighting conditions and on a wide range of surface, ensuring a correct measurement no matter what material you are using.

We use Cognitens White Light Systems for a Portable manual platform for robust operation in demanding manufacturing environments. These systems allow for draw die development, die fingerprinting, reverse engineering, and ensure a quality product.


Laser Capabilities:

We have the capabilities to trim and pierce your parts to test them out before they are put into production. Once the die is built, we can create a small run of your part with our laser cutting equipment in order to test and inspect the parts before entering them into full production. We can quickly create a prototype of your hot or cold stamped part for testing and measurement to ensure quality, accuracy, and durability before moving forward.  

Our Inspection and Quality Assurance Equipment includes:

  • 1 Brown & Sharpe DEA – Model - Vento – X = 4M, Y = 1.6 M, Z = 2M

  • 1 Mitutoyo Model BN 1020 CNC Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine - Table Size - 52" x 120" – CMM Volume X = 1M, Y = 2M, Z = 1M

  • 1 Faro Portable Co-ordinate Measuring Machine with 4’ arm.