At CET, we offer a turn-key stamping and die simulation solution for your business. With our modern technology and software capabilities, we will perform simulations of your tooling designs and incorporate your materials to ensure an accurate assessment before beginning design and build. This process includes checking for a wide range of problem areas in a part before the die design and build begins. In doing so we can reduce tryout and start up times and create a quality die making a reliable and repeatable part.

Our simulations can help identify issues including:

  • Compression

  • Thinning

  • Splitting

  • Formability

  • Edge Strain

  • Water Flow Analysis for Hot Stamp

  • Thermal Analysis for Hot Stamp

We continually update and improve our simulation model throughout the process to ensure that your final product will function properly in production in your operation.

Our software capabilities for simulation include:

  • 2 Seats of Autoform For Forming Simulation

  • 1 Seat of PamStamp For Forming Simulation

  • 1 seat of Dynaform For Forming Simulation

  • 1 Seat of FloEFD For Water Flow Simulation

  • 1 Seat Dynmik For Press Transfer Simulation